Working Groups

Working groups have been established to develop specific standards and guidelines for the creation and functioning of ISAOs. Working groups are led by a core development team as well as general members.

  • General members will support the working groups with feedback during the standards development cycle. This group is not limited in size.
  • Each working group also contains a core development team (CDT) made up of a chair, vice-chair, secretary, and other designated team members. This team provides direction and guidance for the group.

How to Join a Working Group

If you are interested in joining a working group, please apply using the following link.

Join a Working Group

Working Group Topics

Topic 1: ISAO Creation

Objective: Identify and capture the elements necessary for an interested organization to stand up an ISAO. These elements will be the basis to create an ISAO and will have enough flexibility in its design to fit the needs of a majority of interested organizations.

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Topic 2: ISAO Capabilities

Objective: Identify and capture the capabilities necessary for an interested organization to effectively operate an ISAO. These capabilities will support day-to-day operation of the ISAO as well as support its main function: to share and receive cyber information in a timely and effective manner. Capabilities must allow for the most basic ISAO and also support more sophisticated organizations.

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Topic 3: Information Sharing

Objective: Identify and capture the capabilities necessary for an interested organization to effectively share cyber information such as threat indicators, vulnerabilities, and best practices within an ISAO or externally.

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Topic 4: Privacy and Security

Objective: Identify and capture the steps required to safeguard proprietary and privacy related information. Detail the processes and procedures needed to prevent unauthorized access to or release of information. Address how to meet federal, state, local, and tribal laws regarding privacy.

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Topic 5: International

Objective: Provide ISAOs with the knowledge required to make informed decisions regarding the sharing of cybersecurity information across national borders and the addition of international members. Discuss and address the advantages, obstacles, and global restrictions that may impact how ISAOs operate.

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Topic 6: Government Relations

Objective: Identify and address issues associated with ISAO interactions with the intelligence community, law enforcement, U.S. regulators, and Homeland Security.

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Topic 7: Analysis Within Information Sharing

Objective: Identify and address methods and associated issues regarding analyzing indicators with respect to Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations.

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Provide Feedback

Your input is importantwe would like to gather feedback from those who are not able to attend our public meetings, as well as more detailed information from earlier respondents. Please use the following downloadable PDF questionnaire if you would like to provide your perspective as an information sharing organization or as a potential member of an information sharing organization.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices Questionnaire

Please e-mail the completed questionnaire and any available template documents you’d like to share to The ISAO Standards Organization with the subject line: “ISAO Best Practices Questionnaire.”