Draft Products

This page lists draft documents that are available for public comment. Visit the Published Products page to download the initial series of voluntary standards and guidelines.

As the ISAO SO develops future documents, we will continue our established practice of providing opportunities for public comment and debate. The ISAO SO will place draft documents on this page for thoughtful input and constructive suggestions.

The ISAO SO is engaged with working groups to identify and prioritize products to meet the needs of ISAOs. The Future Products page lists preliminary ideas regarding potential future documents that are still in development. To learn more about participating in a working group, please visit our Join a Working Group page.


All draft documents that are currently available for comment are listed below. Click on the “Read More” link for each RFC document to read a full description and download a copy of the document to review at your convenience.

For the best user experience, we recommend that you register and log in to the ISAO SO site before submitting comments in order to save your contact information for future use. If you are logged in with a registered account, you can also click “Save Progress” if you need more time to complete your comments. If you elect not to log in with a registered account, you can still provide comments, but you must submit your comments before leaving the page.

When commenting, enter the document line number or range associated with your comment, rate the importance of your comment, and provide your input. If you have a general comment, you can leave the line number field blank. You may provide up to twenty comments in each submission, but there is no limit to the number of submissions. Check the “Add Another Comment” box underneath each comment to add additional comments.

After submitting your comments, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a copy of the comments you submitted.

Drafts Ready for Comment

ISAO 200-1: Foundational Services and Capabilities v0.2

The purpose of this document is to assist ISAOs by providing a more in-depth review of the foundational services and capabilities of an ISAO: collection and dissemination, facilitate member sharing, analyze information, and surveying members...

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