Draft Products

There are currently no draft documents available at this time. Visit the Published Products page to download the initial series of voluntary standards and guidelines.

As the ISAO SO develops future documents, we will continue our established practice of providing opportunities for public comment and debate. The ISAO SO will place draft documents on this page for thoughtful input and constructive suggestions.

Please return to the Draft Products page to see an editorial schedule of future documents and target publication dates. To learn more about participating in a working group, please visit Join a Working Group.

Future ISAO SO Products

The ISAO SO is engaged with working groups to identify and prioritize products to meet the needs of ISAOs. The document series below provides preliminary ideas regarding potential future documents, but is still in development.

The ISAO SO will approve an editorial schedule based on inputs from working groups using a document development guide, a checklist designed to balance creativity and consistency of future documents. Once proposed documents are approved and scheduled for publication, the tentative list of documents below will be updated with an approved publication schedule.

To submit a suggestion for future documents, please email Contact@isao.org.

Documents in orange have been published.
Documents in blue are currently in development.
Documents in italics are proposed but have not yet been approved for development.

ISAO 100 Series: ISAO Creation and Operation
ISAO 200 Series: ISAO Capabilities and Services
  • ISAO 200-1: Introduction to ISAO Capabilities and Services
  • ISAO 200-2: ISAO Capabilities
  • ISAO 200-3: ISAO Services
ISAO 300 Series: Information Sharing
ISAO 400 Series: Privacy and Security
  • ISAO 400-1: Introduction to Privacy and Security
  • ISAO 400-2: Privacy Guidelines
  • ISAO 400-3: Security Guidelines
ISAO 500 Series: ISAO Analysis
  • ISAO 500-1: Introduction to Analysis
  • ISAO 500-2: Analytical Methods
ISAO 700 Series: Global Information Sharing
  • ISAO 700-1: Introduction to Global Sharing
  • ISAO 700-2: International Issues
ISAO 800 Series: Legal Considerations
  • ISAO 800-1: Introduction to Legal Issues for ISAOs