Working Group 7: Analysis Within Information Sharing

The Information Sharing and Analysis Organization Standards Organization (ISAO SO) is currently seeking new members to work on the development of documents and products related to information sharing analysis.

For those interested in joining this working group, please visit the Join a Working Group page and complete the application. The three types of working group memberships are completely voluntary and composed of Leadership (Chair, Co-Chairs), a core development team, and general members.


  • Chair: David Sula, Lead Engineer/Trainer for Booz Allen Hamilton/Leidos
  • Co-Chair: Ole Villadsen, Research Liaison, Cybersecurity & Information Systems, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries
  • SO Advisor: Marlis Cook


Identify and address methods and associated issues regarding analyzing indicators with respect to Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations.

Potential Topics

  • Define the ability of an ISAO to perform analysis on member information that is shared within the ISAO and on information shared from external sources
  • Address the variations of analytical capabilities that can exist in ISAOs at different levels of advancement from emerging to more evolved ISAOs
  • Provide an understanding of the business value and benefits of analysis as a component of information sharing
  • Prescribe the level of analysis (e.g. network traffic, malware, mitigation action) to be done by ISAOs
  • Introductory and Intermediate Analysis guidelines for new, emerging, and established ISAOs