ISAO 200-1: Foundational Services and Capabilities v0.2

Request For Comment: Open March 14 – March 28

Appendix A of the ISAO 100-2 publication introduced a list of several services and capabilities that an ISAO could perform as baseline offerings. Those services and capabilities were categorized into Foundational, Advanced, and Unique. The purpose of this document is to assist ISAOs by providing a more in-depth review of the foundational services and capabilities of an ISAO: collection and dissemination, facilitate member sharing, analyze information, and surveying members. This in turn will give ISAOs a better understanding of how they can operationalize the technical, analytical, and personnel that are built around those capabilities and services.

The structure of this document is framed to begin with the simpler capabilities and services, and progress to those that are more challenging. This will facilitate a natural progression for ISAOs that are further along in their evolution to navigate to the area within the document that is appropriate for their current situation. Additionally, collection and dissemination have been split as separate services and capabilities, and thus each will have its own chapter. After evaluating the processes and technologies for collection and dissemination, WG2 felt that each was distinct enough to be independent services and capabilities.

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