Working Group 1: ISAO Creation


  • Chair: Frank Grimmelmann, President & CEO, Intelligence Liaison Officer, Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA)
  • Co-Chair: Deborah Kobza, President & CEO, Global Institute for Cybersecurity + Research
  • SO Advisor: Jeremy West


Identify and capture the elements necessary for an interested organization to stand up an ISAO. These elements will serve as the basis for creating an ISAO and will have enough flexibility in design to fit the needs of diverse interested organizations.

Potential Topics

  • Organizing principles of the ISAO
  • Define membership: types of membership, expectations, and rules of behavior
  • Vetting process for membership
  • ISAO leadership and management structure
  • Financing the ISAO
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Advertising the ISAO for prospective members
  • Building trust between members
  • Identification of agreements: memorandums of understanding (MOUs), memorandums of agreement (MOAs), and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)