ISAO SO Announces Information Sharing Hall of Fame Award Winners

The ISAO Standards Organization (ISAO SO) today announced the winners of the Second Annual Information Sharing Hall of Fame Awards.

The ISAO SO recognized two organizations, the SMB ISAO and IT ISAC, and one individual, Douglas DePeppe, a cyberlaw attorney and cyber sector evangelist by inducting them into the Information Sharing Hall of Fame.

“Having a strong commitment to advancing information sharing is a vital aspect of improving the Nation’s cybersecurity posture,” said Dr. Greg White, executive director of the ISAO Standards Organization. “These awards recognize those individuals and organizations who have demonstrated the highest standards of professional competence and selflessness and have contributed significantly to the promotion of information sharing.”

The SMB ISAO was recognized as an award winner, in part, for their collaborative focus that stimulated education, workforce development, innovation and research and development, specifically aimed for supporting the Small and Mid-Size Business, as well as advancing all aspects of cybersecurity, technology, business and organizational resiliency, and security standards through the sharing of threat intelligence.

The IT ISAC was honored, in part, for their continued engagement and impact on the information sharing ecosystem, their lead role in the creation of the National Council of ISACs, and their leadership efforts in industry engagement in various national exercises, including all six Cyber Storm exercises, which identified ways to improve sharing between industry and government, within industry, and also within government.

DePeppe was honored with the Hall of Fame Award for being identified as a notable leader and visionary based upon his leadership in advancing, growing and shaping the information sharing community.

The Information Hall of Fame Awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, September 12 at the 2018 International Information Sharing Conference in Tyson, Virginia. Award winners are nominated by their peers in the information sharing ecosystem to be considered for an award.