ISAO Registration

Welcome to the ISAO Standards Organization (ISAO SO) registry page. The ISAO SO is asking both new and established ISAOs to register their organization.

The purpose of identifying new and established ISAOs across the United States, territories and tribal jurisdictions is to provide a comprehensive listing of ISAOs for the nation. The registry listing will create a centralized location to find information. Unless otherwise indicated, once registered with the ISAO SO, your ISAO’s information will be reviewed and posted on our website.

Who Should Register:

  • New and Established ISAOs
  • New and Established ISACs
  • Other Information Sharing Organizations

If you are an ISAO or ISAC currently providing services to a membership, then we encourage you to register. Please fill out the registration form below and click submit. You will be contacted by the ISAO SO following your submission. Thank you for your contribution.

ISAO Registration Form

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Organization Information

Organization Description

Please provide a brief description of your information sharing organization.

Point of Contact Information

Please provide contact information of the person you designate to communicate with the ISAO SO. This information will remain confidential unless otherwise indicated or requested.