ISAO Support Intake Process v0.2 (SWG5)

Request For Comment

The request for comment period for this draft concluded on Friday, June 17, 2016. All comments were reviewed and adjudicated by working groups. Comments received after the June 17 deadline may be included in future adjudication and revision periods.

The Support Intake Process introduces and outlines five key processes that SWG 5/Support has identified and are researching and developing to support ISAO SO intake and sustained engagement with organizations and ISAOs relevant to its support mission.  These process areas include Intake, Checklists, Alignment, Mentoring, and Feedback.

Although the first public comment period is now closed, we still welcome your input. While your comments may not be included in the next round of published drafts, they will be considered for future revisions.

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Submitted Comments

The ISAO SO invited the public to provide comments on this document from May 3 – June 17, 2016. The line reference and comment fields listed below are the exact contents as submitted by the commenter.

Line ReferenceCommentDisposition
GeneralAdd global/cultural/language analysis.Deferred
GeneralThese comments were submitted by The InfraGard National Capital Region Members Alliance (INCRMA), Regulatory & Policy Working Group, whose members hail from both government and industry. The InfraGard National Capital Region Members Alliance (INCRMA) is an alliance with the FBI's Washington Field Office and individuals committed to protecting the nation's critical infrastructure. Our chapter has the same footprint as the FBI field office with which we are aligned - Washington, DC and northern Virginia. Our mission is to improve and extend information sharing between critical infrastructure stakeholders, in both the private and public sectors, with the government, particularly the FBI, to protect those infrastructure assets from physical and/or cyber attack. As a result of this exchange, timely information and intelligence is delivered, investigations are initiated and/or enhanced, vital economic and national security assets are protected, and lasting relationships are formed between law enforcement and infrastructure owners/operators.Rejected
GeneralUnder Governance, I believe there should be provision for ways to share members' capabilities. This will aid in the identification of resources amongst the ISAOs and the collaboration between ISAOs if the choose to do so.Under Review
GeneralWhat mechanisms will the ISAO have in place to support-or, how will the ISAO support-Executive Order 13526: Classified National Security Information-specifically, protecting information critical to our Nation's security and demonstrating our commitment to open Government through accurate and accountable application of classification standards and routine, secure, and effective declassification?Rejected
GeneralWho will be sponsoring and paying for the required clearances?Accepted
121Should be specified that the mentor organization should be able to provide services to protege organization on for-profit and not-for profit basis. Providing support to emerging ISAOs can require time and resource investment that may only be sustainable on for-profit basis.Accepted