Standards Development Process

Working Groups

Working groups have been established to develop specific principles, policies, procedures, processes, templates, and guidelines for the creation and functioning of ISAOs based on their charter from the Standards Organization. Membership in the working groups is open to the public. A core team within each working group provides leadership and administrative support and is responsible for activities such as setting agendas and drafting documents for comment. Each core team includes subject matter experts from various backgrounds. Public comments will help guide the working groups as they develop proposed ISAO standards and guidelines.

ISAO Standards Organization

The ISAO Standards Organization is responsible for chartering working groups and accepting proposed standards and guidelines. The Standards Organization may consult with experienced independent advisors regarding the content and impacts of these documents in supporting ISAOs. It is the responsibility of the ISAO Standards Organization to ensure that standards and guidelines developed from all working groups are complementary, cohesive, and non-conflicting.

Public Input

Public input is very important to the development of ISAO standards. Public input is collected at two distinct phases of the standards development process. First, valuable input is gathered on requirements before draft ISAO standards and guidelines are developed. Second, public input is considered while those standards are being developed.