ISAO SO Government Relations Group Announces Online Survey

San Antonio, TX—The Government Relations working group for the Information Sharing and Analysis Organization Standards Organization (ISAO SO) today announced the launch of an online survey to aid in the development of documents to be published later this year.

The Government Relations working group has been charged to engage with State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) governments and regional organizations to evaluate the cybersecurity information sharing landscape.

This two-part survey aims to identify current cybersecurity information sharing capabilities of regional and SLTT entities and information needs that may exist between SLTT government, the federal government, regional entities and ISAOs.

Part I of the survey is to be completed by members of SLTT entities (governmental organizations). Part II of the survey may be completed by members of associations, ISAOs, and ISACs (private sector organizations).

Public input remains vital to developing future documents, creating support services that reflect the needs of the evolving ecosystem, and meeting stakeholder expectations.

In September 2016, the Government Relations working group released ISAO 600-2, U.S. Government Relations, Programs, and Services in response to Presidential Executive Order 13691. The ISAO SO recently announced 2017 document publication assignments. The Government Relations working group will produce the State, Local, Territorial, Tribal and Regional Considerations later this year.

The survey is available here.