TruSTAR Technology

TruSTAR is a threat intelligence exchange platform built to protect and incentivize information sharing. We break down security operations silos, helping you achieve real-time enterprise threat awareness to expedite investigation and know what’s coming next.

Products and Services
  • Distribution of Information
    • TruSTAR has been built from the ground up to support distribution of information while addressing risk of attribution and sensitive information disclosure. We allow users and enterprises to create redaction libraries that allow you to automatically redact sensitive information.
  • Technology Platforms
    • TruSTAR provides a cloud based platform for cross sector and enterprise exchange. The platform integrates with SOC tools, case management systems and a number of intelligence feeds to provide real-time enterprise threat awareness to expedite investigation.
  • Threat Management and Analysis
    • TruSTAR’s advanced threat data extraction, correlation and visualization engine can automatically extract 11 types of IoC’s from human readable or machine readable text and quickly show relevant contextual information to users. TruSTAR also uses graph analytics to identify relationships between disparate pieces of data and surface trending vulnerability and malware threat activity.