Solutionize is a leader in providing private collaboration infrastructures for business ecosystems.

Formed in 2012, the company has been partnering within critical sectors of the economy—including government associations, healthcare, technology, and not-for-profits—to improve knowledge transfer, efficiency, and effectiveness across communities and their members.

Solutionize was founded by social business experts who have been pioneers in information sharing networks since 2001.

Products and Services
  • Distribution of Information
    • The technology platform offered by Solutionize offers several distribution capabilities:
      • “Members only” access to information, governed by roles-based rules of member entitlement and access
      • Secure opt-in based notification
      • In-mail direct messaging
  • Organization Tools
    • The technology platform provides support for ISAO community collaboration and communications, including governance through roles-based rules of member entitlements and access.
  • Technology Platforms
    • Solutionize provides a private, secure peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, collaboration, and communication platform for ISAO member organizations and their teams. This includes the following capabilities: networking, groups, information management and sharing, communications and messaging, and notifications and alerts.
  • Other Products and Services
    • Suppliers Zone – a discrete area in the technology platform where providers can promote their relevant products and services to the members of the ISAO. Suppliers’ access to community member only services are restricted based on agreed upon governance for the community.