Perch Security

Perch is a Community Defense Platform that makes cyber threat intelligence accessible for the “everyone”—not just large organizations with dedicated threat analysts on staff. Now small and mid-size businesses can mount a defense with curated community intelligence and participate in sharing communities.

Products and Services
  • Cyber Incident Response
    • We detect on ISAO member networks correlated events against their ISAO’s intelligence data. At the same time we (optionally) share back sightings to the entire community and triage network events to determine true positives. This managed service is part of the Perch platform package. Our customers get full local network and community wide visibility with their ISAO intelligence without having to do anything if they choose, or they can work with the community and help understand and remediate against swam attacks against their industry.
  • Technology Platforms
    • The Perch founders started by automating FS-ISAC community intelligence processes over 5 years ago. Today, the Perch platform addresses a number of ISAC and ISAO business issues. Overall, the Perch platform increases the value of a traditional sharing community by at least three times. This allows ISAOs to both increase membership and charge more for membership because membership has that much more value.
    • In addition to helping members detect on ISAO intelligence within their environment, Perch automatically shares what members have seen to the entire community in real-time—there is little to no delay from when an ISAO includes an indicator in their intelligence repository to when member X can see that member Y or Z has detected it. It completely changes a community that “manually” shares via emails, PDF reports, and conference calls.
    • Your ISAO has no repository of intelligence data? No problem, the Perch platform can store intelligence for ISAOs too.
  • Threat Management and Analysis
    • The Perch platform automatically aggregates your communities’ intelligence feeds, detects on that intelligence within the member environment, and at the same time let others in the community (by opting-in) see what they have seen to provide valuable community context to alerts. With that community based real-time feedback, all fully-automated, ISAOs and their members get community-wide visibility and can both support the community broadly, as the community supports the individual members.