Global Resilience Federation

GRF is a not-for-profit intelligence provider and hub for cyber and physical threat sharing between ISACs, ISAOs and CERTs from many industries and regions around the world.

Its mission is to help assure the resilience of industries and organizations against threats to their ability to provide services critical to the global economy.

Products and Services
  • Full Service ISAO Stand-up
    • GRF is a non-profit intelligence provider and threat sharing hub. Its staff have created, developed or managed seven ISAOs and ISACs in the last four years. GRF can help industries in need of security support by creating an ISAO or ISAC, providing intelligence, leveraging a turnkey intelligence sharing platform, implementing the legal and accounting processes necessary, and providing best practices and protocol to ensure trust and foster member-to-member exchange and risk mitigation.
  • Organization Tools
  • Risk Management
  • Threat Management and Analysis
    • GRF is committed to supporting member communities with industry specific intelligence, as well as cross-industry sharing. New or existing ISAOs and ISACs can connect to a network of other vital and critical industries that share within GRF. This system for mutual defense includes more than 7,000 members across 38 countries from the utilities, energy, financial services and legal services sectors. GRF also provides vulnerability and threat alerts including dark web detection services. GRF’s own in-house cyber, physical, and geopolitical analysts are co-located to support information exchange between industries they support.
  • Other Products and Services
    • GRF also provides services such as an Emergency Notification System, Vulnerability, Cyber, Physical, Geopolitical and other In-Depth Reports, Marketing and Press Support, and Finance, Accounting, and Legal Support.