Gate 15

Gate 15 is a Virginia-based veteran-owned small business supporting risk management and organizational security and resilience activities by providing expertise in threat analysis, preparedness, and operations, primarily in support of critical infrastructure and information sharing organizations.

Products and Services
  • Full Service ISAO Stand-up
    • Gate 15 works with several information sharing organizations and has diverse and unique experience in different areas of ISAO operations. With our internal extensive experience, relationships and a broad network of partnerships and resources we can leverage, Gate 15 is able to support full-service ISAO stand-up. We do not believe in a cookie-cutter, uniform approach to this process and believe in the importance of taking experience and best practices and working with key stakeholders to establish a tailored, developmental approach to stand up an ISAO that meets the goals and objectives of the stakeholders and respects stakeholders’ timeline, resources, constraints, and other concerns.
  • Distribution of Information
    • Gate 15 works extensively in the area of threat analysis and information sharing and distribution. Using a variety of tools, we are able to work with stakeholders and members of communities to tailor customized solutions to meet the best interests of the community. Our team has recommended approaches and tools we encourage for consideration and remain flexible to use other solutions and preferences to meet the needs of the stakeholders and members.
  • Policy-Related Products and Services
    • Gate 15 is able to assist in establishing ISAO plans, policies, governance, membership, outreach and other such foundational support. Our team, and our partnerships, can also support thought-leadership, policy papers, and other “high-level” analysis in a number or areas.
  • Risk Management
    • We support our clients’ and partners’ risk management and organizational security and resilience activities by providing expertise in threat analysis, operations and preparedness (planning, training, exercise and continuity) support. Our team maintains extensive relationships across the private and public sector critical infrastructure, homeland security and intelligence communities, and brings unique experience working with information sharing and analysis organizations.
  • Technology Platforms
    • Gate 15 does not provide direct technology solutions but works with a network of trusted partners to be able to provide specific capabilities and technology to meet the unique needs and resources of each community. We believe every organization has different requirements for organization and equipment and work to satisfy those effectively versus cookie cutter solutions.
  • Threat Management and Analysis
    • Gate 15 maintains an active awareness of threats and associated risks. We can apply our processes, resources, and networks to support active threat management and risk reduction through a number of means including analysis, reporting, risk assessment, facilitating threat and risk discussions, analysis, developing risk management and business impact tools, communicating threat concerns, and other related activities.
  • Other Products and Services
    • Gate 15 has unique and extensive experience working in info sharing and analysis organizations and additional expertise in preparedness (planning, training, exercise), event facilitation, education, and security-focused operational support.