Arizona Cyber Warfare Range

The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range serves individuals and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Organizations who wish to remain on the cutting edge of knowledge, events and news in cyber warfare, as well as have a passion for learning, developing, evolving, updating cyber security skills and have a personal drive to be an effective cyber warrior are encouraged to join.

ISAO Services and Capabilities

  • Collect and disseminate information or resources for:
    • mitigation
    • response and recovery
    • vendor vulnerabilities
  • Analysis for:
    • relevant information and trends
    • producing and/or providing threat intelligence
    • malware (offering a test-bed environment)
  • Host a secure online method for:
    • discussion space for member-to-member collaboration
    • a repository for sharing information with members
  • Provide members:
    • a reach-back service for SME consulting
    • access to a library of adversary tactics, techniques and procedures
    • an environment to form committees, working groups or special communities of interest
    • a platform to encourage member sharing
  • Additional services for members:
    • Participation in exercises
    • Facilitate mutual aid
    • Support efforts to develop cyber workforce
    • Develop and maintain relationships with relevant government agencies
    • Participate in automated indicator sharing