Small and Mid-Sized Business ISAO (SMB ISAO)

The Small and Mid-Sized Business Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (SMB ISAO) fills an incredible need. We are a membership-driven, industry-based ISAO. It is our sole mission to ensure that micro, small, and mid-sized businesses are no longer standing alone in this age of cyber warfare. The SMB ISAO was formed to provide critical protections and support while addressing the egregious lack of support, affordable technology and services for Small and Mid-Sized business. As a private institution, the SMB ISAO provides resources, information and support to increase the cybersecurity posture of the SMB. The SMB ISAO was developed in partnership with entities and companies that have demonstrated a dedication and passion to supporting the small business owner. Backed by over a decade of experience in threat intelligence analytics and sponsored by MainNerve, a leading provider of small business friendly compliance solutions, the SMB ISAO acts in partnership with the ISAO Cyber Support Center, the Cyber Threat Intelligence Network, IBM, Trustar, and the Sports ISAO.

Any micro, small or mid-size business owner and anyone who would like to be a partner of our ISAO or participate in any of our entities. Recognizing the protections that an ISAO can afford and desiring to create a threat sharing community specifically focused on Small and mid-sized businesses with cybersecurity partners who care about the small business owner, the SMB ISAO is home to members and organizations.