The IoT ISAO is dedicated to the sharing of best practices, security research, and threat intelligence, both physical and cyber, for Internet of Things. This includes both Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Consumer IoT organizations. This IoT ISAO will serve as a resource to organizations to facilitate the full lifecycle management of their IoT devices. The ISAO will prioritize IoT research based on where it is being deployed within critical infrastructure.

Any Industrial and Consumer IoT organization should consider becoming a member of this IoT ISAO, especially if their devices support critical infrastructure. In particular, this IoT ISAO will best support organizations which create, build and manufacture, deploy, transit, manage, operate, or store data for IoT. This includes organizations which are exploring or currently building out IIoT capabilities such as utilities, oil and gas, automotive, aviation, healthcare, and aerospace or manufacturing IIoT devices as well as transiting data from IIoT devices. This IoT ISAO will also encourage participation from the vendor community supporting these IoT organizations.