Energy Analytic Security Exchange (EASE)

Energy Analytic Security Exchange (EASE) is a threat intelligence sharing community established to aid the energy sector in defending its staff, facilities, networks, and reputation. EASE provides cyber and physical threat information to reduce the industry’s exposure to the many threats it encounters. The community offers rapid, detailed cyber security and physical security alerts on Indicators of Compromise.

EASE also provides vulnerability reports on the hundreds of systems used by its membership, and drives bi-directional sharing between members and the EASE analyst team.  The community receives actionable near real-time cyber and physical threat intelligence from members, government sources, private vendors, and through cross-sector sharing between FS-ISAC, ONG-ISAC, and LS-ISAO, among others.

Utility companies, Municipal Utilities, and Electric Cooperatives based in the USA and Canada are eligible for membership.

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