Mid-Atlantic Cyber Center (MACC)

Mid-Atlantic Cyber Center (MACC) is a cross-sector, public private cyber collaboration center for the Mid-Atlantic region. The mission of the MACC is to provide a personalized collaboration center that elevates the regional business ecosystem by enhancing cyber defenses across a broad array of cyber diverse partners.

The MACC is innovating on the practices of existing ISAOs and ISACs. The MACC introduces two new concepts to elevate the cyber value for participants – personalization and cyber-diversification. The first step for new members is to undergo an on-boarding process to establish their specific cyber posture, goals, and sharing abilities. Then, through cyber diversity, groups of cyber-similar participants are formed and sharing/collaboration takes place within and among groups to support true peer-to-peer sharing. In addition, cyber technology, so critical to mitigating risk, is supported for all cyber groups through a cyber testbed.

The Mid-Atlantic Cyber Center goes beyond information sharing to cyber collaboration based on member-ship needs. Organizations across all sectors in the Virginia/mid-Atlantic areas should consider joining, from those who are at the foundational level to those who are experienced. The MACC is committed to helping organizations who are committed to establishing/maintaining a cyber program that meets their unique needs.