Center for Model Based Regulation

Center for Model Based Regulation is a 501c3 not-for-profit research and development organization focused on bringing together leaders from the public and private sectors to establish a new form of collaboration, one founded on the shared vision that unless we can create the necessary incentives to work together we cannot solve these challenges and thus cannot make the progress we need to protect the data and systems that are critical to our economic and national security. The CMBR was created to gather, analyze, and disseminate cyber threat information among members in addition to related research on standards, metrics, modeling, and more.

In order to truly analyze and understand the risks in our critical infrastructures, as well as assess the impact of regulations and security investments that are being promulgated and made to mitigate them, it is important to address the cyber related threats to the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of the data that our institutions rely on. To do so requires a new approach to addressing the lack of adoptable Cyber Security Risk Metrics and Threat Modeling Standards, Operations focused Security Modeling and Testing Frameworks, and Data sharing agreements for reporting and collecting the operational norms necessary for baselining and benchmarking current capabilities.

CMBR is open to members of critical infrastructure organizations, regulatory agencies, research firms, and training and education entities.