Geographically-Based Community ISAOs

The Geographically-Based Community ISAOs (GBC ISAOs) is a geographically-oriented information sharing organization that is focused on assisting states, tribes, local jurisdictions and territories in establishing a comprehensive cyber security program.

This approach is designed to assist geographically-based communities to be prepared to detect a cyber-attack, develop plans to respond during an attack and what to do after an attack has occurred. The GBC ISAOs also works with communities to develop cross-sector, public and private partnerships to share responsibility when preparing for and detecting cyber threats. The GBC ISAOs uses the Community Cyber Security Maturity Model (CCSMM) to address five focus areas that help to prepare for how a community should respond before, during and after a cyber-security event of incident.

ISAO Services and Capabilities

  • Provide members:
    • A platform to encourage member sharing
    • An environment to form committees, working groups or special communities of interest
    • A discussion space for member-to-member collaboration
    • A repository for sharing information with members
  • Additional services for members:
    • Participation in exercises
    • Support efforts to develop cyber workforce
    • Develop and maintain relationships with relevant government agencies