Welcome To Our Blog!

Welcome to the ISAO Standards Organization Blog! We are using this forum as one more way to connect with the nation about cybersecurity information sharing and privacy and security issues. We are engaged in the national debate on addressing cyber threats to public safety and security.

We will be adding new blog posts periodically to keep everyone apprised of our progress to develop guidelines and standards, upcoming events, and cybersecurity topics in the community. We will also be commenting on items of importance to the nation’s information sharing efforts.

In this first blog, I want to recognize the hard work the members of our six working groups (all volunteers) have accomplished in order to produce our first set of draft documents. These drafts will be released for public comment two weeks before our next open public forum in Anaheim, California on May 19th. Visit the Events section of this website for more information on this event and to register to attend.

We are excited about the opportunity we have to be part of this national information sharing effort. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you personally in Anaheim.