Two New ISAO Initiatives Launched

The ISAO Standards Organization has launched two new initiatives on to support the growth of the information sharing ecosystem. The newly-launched National Registry of ISAOs and Resource Library foster the development and growth of ISAOs by creating, curating, and disseminating resources in a single location.

The ISAO SO has launched a National Registry of ISAOs for new and established ISAOs to register their organization with the ISAO SO. As the ISAO ecosystem grows, the registry will be a centralized location to find information regarding existing and emerging organizations. Registered ISAOs will have the option to be listed on the newly published Information Sharing Groups page of New and emerging ISAOs are encouraged to register their organization today to be included in the National Registry listing.

In addition to the national registry, the ISAO SO has created an Information Sharing Resource Library. The Resource Library is a hub for members of the information sharing ecosystem and the general public to find guidelines, tools, templates, checklists, professional associations, and other resources to support cybersecurity information sharing and analysis. Our vision is for this library to be a living and breathing repository of knowledge and resources. The library will grow as the needs of the community continue to evolve.

The ISAO Standards Organization is committed to growing the information sharing ecosystem and increasing its capabilities. The National Registry and the Resource Library are important first steps to make community information available to the public in a single location, while also equipping new and emerging ISAOs with additional resources they need to succeed.