ISAO SO Initial Voluntary Guidelines Published

Today’s publication of the four initial voluntary guideline documents represents a major step forward for the cybersecurity information sharing ecosystem. Over the past year, the ISAO Standards Organization has worked to gather industry experts to create these guidelines in conjunction with public feedback.

It has been an extraordinary collaboration effort: Over 160 experts have joined working groups to participate in the development of these and future guidelines. The ISAO SO has hosted monthly online public meetings, four in-person public forums and two request for comment periods. This collaboration has shaped and molded these documents to prepare them for implementation in the ecosystem.

We invite you to visit the Published Products page to view and download the four initial voluntary guideline documents:

These first four documents mark a significant achievement for the ecosystem, but there is still work to be done. Working group members will continue to update and expand these guidelines based on feedback from implementation in the ecosystem. Future publication schedules will be announced in the coming months. Additionally, the ISAO SO has shifted its focus in the coming months to increase support services and expand both our Resource Library and the National Registry of ISAOs. We invite you to join us for the monthly online public forum on October 20th to learn more about our upcoming initiatives.

Finally, we would like to recognize the leadership of working group chairs and co-chairs for their guidance and direction in the creation of these documents. This project would simply not be possible without their vision and dedication to improving the cybersecurity posture of the Nation.