IISC Topics and Speakers Submissions Due Today!

Interested in speaking at the Second Annual International Information Sharing Conference (IISC)? Then make sure to submit your abstract TODAY (due May 14)!

What Should be in the Proposals?
Proposals should provide practical advice and solutions to attendees of the conference and equip them with the knowledge to meet today’s ever-changing cybersecurity challenges. Proposals will be evaluated on the value provided to Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs) and the community at large.

Presentations at IISC 2018 are encouraged to follow topics important to the information sharing ecosystem, including:

  • Government and Legislation
    • Creating an ISAO for a jurisdiction, county, state or region to begin information sharing or encourage State, Local, Tribal, Territorial (SLTT) wide Information Sharing
    • Public/Private information sharing at the state level
    • Integrating Fusion Centers into your SLTT information sharing program or ISAO
    • Integrating other government information sharing programs into your SLTT level ISAO
    • Department of Homeland Security’s improvements to Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS)
  • Improving the Value of Information Shared
    • Providing information that is specific to your members to improve the value (e.g., things to consider, surveying your members)
    • Strategies to improving the value of information shared
    • How to get value from machine-to-machine information sharing
    • How to get value from government information
    • Improving the value of shared information through technology
    • Integrating government distributed information into your ISAO
    • Transitioning from human to automated information sharing
    • Reducing the noise from information shared
    • Improving information sharing analysis
  • Hot Trends in Information Sharing
    • International information sharing
    • European Union General Data Protection Regulation
    • Information sharing’s role in securing the ballot box
    • Using information sharing to improve cyber resiliency on main street USA
    • Small business information sharing combating foreign threats
  • Growing Your ISAO
    • How to increase member sharing within an ISAO
    • Training for analysis
    • Recruiting analysts
    • Strategies to improve information sharing from ISAO to ISAO
    • Small business information sharing—how to get started
    • Cross-sector information sharing

Don’t miss your chance to speak at IISC 2018! Have questions? Please reach out to us at contact@isao.org.