Government Relations Working Group Kicks Off Initiative

Fresh on the heels of the ISAO SO’s September release of four initial voluntary guideline documents focused on improving the nation’s cybersecurity posture, the SO’s Government Relations Working Group (WG6) has set its sights on an ambitious national-level initiative to identify and close cybersecurity gaps between the federal government, private industry, regional groups, and State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) stakeholders.

The group’s latest project seeks to improve national security by identifying SLTT and regional stakeholders, surveying their information needs, and connecting them with industry and government entities which can provide support. Detailed objectives include:

  • Highlighting current U.S. Government cybersecurity information sharing and analysis initiatives and processes which provide support focused on the specific needs of State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) governments and regional entities.
  • Identifying regional and SLTT cyber stakeholders and their current information sharing capabilities.
  • Presenting SLTT and private sector views on the relationship each plays to enable, support, and partner with ISAOs to improve the information sharing environment.
  • Identifying current gaps in cybersecurity resource and information needs of SLTT governments and regional entities necessary to improve the information sharing ecosystem.
  • Proposing actions and solutions to enable, support, and increase the collective cybersecurity of SLTT and regional entities.

The products of this significant undertaking will be an action plan which can be leveraged to close SLTT and regional ISAO cybersecurity gaps as well as a key living resource document which will provide enduring and relevant information to SLTT and regional audiences.

The Standards Organization and its multiple working groups welcome participation and insight from interested parties and stakeholders and extend an open invitation to join the conversation. Contact the ISAO SO to join or volunteer.

The Government Relations Working Group (WG6) was created to optimize the relationship between ISAOs and the Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, U.S. Regulators, and Homeland Security. A WG6 subgroup, The Role of Government, examines roles and responsibilities at the Federal, State, and Local level to enhance collaboration, enablement, and support of national and international ISAOs.